Designers Biography and Design Ethos

Kathryn Jamieson is the head designer at Gun Shy.   A super fun and fabulous fashion label specializing in both High End and RTW faux fur jackets.  She blasted onto the fashion scene in 2015 with “Monster Madness” and has since produced her second collection “Pimp It Bitch”.  Her fashion has excited people all over the world.  Starlets currently loving and endorsing Gun Shy include Violet Chachki, The Wutang Clan, Clairy Browne, Jodie Harsh, Ngaiire and Conchita Wurst, just to name a few.


Gun Shy is an exciting myriad fashion label with lots of factors influencing her design.  Art, travel, emotions, dreams, imagination, life experience, fun, glamour, the street, style queens, outrageous people, anti-establishment, a will to do what the designer wants and in her own time.  This strong will has been a long time in the making and finally as she has hit middle age Gun Shy no longer cares what other people think and just 100% does her own thing.  Her fluffy bubble is strong.


So where and how did this all come from?  Here is her life story in a few short paragraphs.


Kathryn is a working class kid from St Albans and West Ivanhoe.  Brought up by a single mum with a brother and two sisters, Kathryn learnt from an early age that unconditional love far outweighs $$.  She excelled at sport in her younger years and received Australian Institute Sport scholarships in both gymnastics and diving and was Australian champion in both sports.  She represented Australia in diving at the Junior World Championships in London.


She’s been a stuntwoman and completed x2 degrees, one in Religious Studies and Aboriginal Religion and one in Fashion.  She excelled in both and received the top student award for the fashion degree at RMIT. 


She’s travelled around and around and around the world.  Kathryn was part of the physical theatre company Strange Fruit from the age of 24 and thus has performed everywhere from the slums of Brazil to London, New York, Rome, Moscow and Mumbai, just to name a few of the places.  15 years of non-stop touring lifestyle across all the continents of the world fuelled the wanderlust of this little lady, where adventure and glamour were the everyday.   


She’s made films, she’s made theatre, she’s made burlesque, she’s made fashion art, she’s fallen in love with boys all over the world and had her heart broken all over the world, she’s made lifetime friends, enjoyed all the fun parties and enjoyed experiencing all that this magical diverse world had to offer. 


It was her years living in Berlin where her restless creative heart finally settled on fashion.  Here she started her own label Upside Out, which she created out of her atelier in Neukoln.  Upside Out was a super creative fashion label that gained international press for her highly inventive style and unique fashion shows.   However, finally a yearning to come back to Australia grew in her heart and she returned home.  After completing the fashion degree at RMIT she started Gun Shy and here we are today. 

Gun Shy comes out of a strong belief in creativity.  She believes we our lucky enough to live in this little country on the bottom of the earth where we have immense freedom to live the lives that we want to and thus it is our duty, as receivers of this freedom, to live our lives with the immense passion and freedom that we have been given on a silver platter.    Therefore she lives a life of passionate and driven creativity, doing what is in her heart simply because she can.  This path brings her immense joy.


Gun Shy thrives on creativity.  It’s all she has known and thus living in her dreamscape is her everyday.   She loves working hard and pushing herself to the limit, as she realises that it’s often when you are exhausted and at the end of your will that the diamonds of creativity actually come.  She is definitely a workaholic.


Gun Shy’s fashion borders on art pieces however she strictly doesn’t believe in wearable art.  Her work pushes the boundaries of art within the confines of wearability.   Having that limitation and creating the art/sculpture within that is exciting to her as a designer.  Her coats will always be extremely wearable, showstopper, outrageously fabulous pieces. 


Gun Shy is not for the faint hearted.  Kathryn loves making showstopper fashion.  When one wear Gun Shy and walks down the street people stop, mouths drop and stare.  Onlookers are mesmerized as they watch this furry beauty walk by, and this is one reason why she creates her crowd stopping pieces.


Life is short, so fill it with love, adventure, fierceness, beauty, risk and joy.  It’s not always easy and Gun Shy understands the darkness.  She isn’t afraid of that space as she knows that eventually the light does shine through.  So Live and live hard.