Gun Shy loves customs jackets. Creating special one of a kind garments for customers, that they will love and cherish, is at the heart of the business.

Quotes for work will be given 24 hours after first discussion. Gun Shy also holds the right to adjust the quoted price if the work expands after the initial quote price. All monetary quoting will be discussed with the customer/client at all times.

After 50% of the overall cost is paid the Garment will be made. However, due to the complexity of the majority of the Gun Shy garments up to 6 weeks needs to be allowed for construction. Each one is crafted with care and the utmost attention to detail, which cannot be hurried. Furthermore, Faux fur items need to be cut individually in order to protect the fur and thus extra time needs to be allowed in order for the unique piece to be made.

Gun Shy can be contacted directly via email – or tel 0407 111 835 for a consultation.